Customized Configuration

Beside our standard program of our high pressure autoclaves we offer machines or plants in customized solutions according to special needs and demands.

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Guaranteeing quality to us entails diligence, dependability, and customer focus. We aim for the return of a customer, rather than a product. You expect flawless consistency in the quality of our high-end products - a challenge we readily accept.

We oblige ourselves to a standard of quality for our products that far exceeds our DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification and our KTA 1401 attestation of suitability. Quality management is a core component of our company, reflected in each of our operations.

Our process-driven quality management system was certified in 1997. Each sequence along the value chain is complemented by detailed process descriptions, which include information about all necessary operations and underlying regulations. These descriptions are further supplemented by useful, and customer-specific, suggestions and links to related processes and operating instructions.

Our ever-evolving and dynamic system manuals will not have time to get dusty in your cabinets!
Reviews and clients-audits are regularly carried out to continuously enhance and validate the efficacy of our quality management system.

We do not leave anything to chance - from the very conceptualization of each new project we aim to avoid errors and defects. We see this as the foundation necessary to meet, and exceed, your demands and expectations to their fullest.

Download: Certificate Quality Management DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
(PDF, 414 KB)