Customized Configuration

Beside our standard program of our high pressure autoclaves we offer machines or plants in customized solutions according to special needs and demands.

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Since 1956 we develop and manufacture capital goods, including industrial and laboratory equipment. Between the years of 2003 and 2005 we took over parts of the product portfolio of the company Ernst HAAGE. Additionally, we developed product lines for laboratory equipment needed in the paper industry, as well as high-pressure valves and fittings, high-pressure autoclaves, and distillation apparatus designed for the oil industry. We cater to clients from the chemical industry, the technical gas industry, refineries, paper mills, and scientific institutions.

Our products are utilized in research and production. Consultations and service are available abroad through independent representatives.

Our in-depth expertise enables us to remain flexible with regards to customer requirements. Our vast knowledge of engineering, the treatment of high-alloy steel and special alloys, microprocessor technology, as well as of measurement and control technologies provide us with a solid basis for product development and problem solving.

Our product portfolio:

Armatures/valves/fittings, autoclaves, distillation equipment for the distillation analysis of fuels and solvents (i. a. DIN 51751, ASTM D 86, D 1078, ISO 3405), bellows-type valves, fixed-bed reactors, fluidized-bed reactors, high-pressure valves, high-pressure autoclaves, high-pressure cylinder, high-pressure components, high-pressure pilot plants, intensive gasing plants, pilot plants, stirred autoclaves, valves, sheet forming apparatus,  freeness tester SR1, digester, pulp disintegrator and pulp distributor, vacuum dryer.