We have a extensive parts warehouse for actual models and for former distillation analyzers manufactured by Ernst Haage.

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HAAGE Distillation Analyzer DA 30.15 W

HAAGE Distillation Analyzer DA 30.15 W

The HAAGE distillation analyzer DA 30.15 W is a reliable analyzer for the determination of the boiling characters of tar products in accordance with the ASTM D20/72. The HAAGE DA 30.15 W may be employed for laboratory use as well as for the optimization of petrochemical refinery processes. The weight of the distillate is continuously and automatically recorded by a built-in electronic scale.

The HAAGE DA 30.15 W operates with a built-in microprocessor controller. Entries of technical parameters are performed on a clearly laid out panel, on which all of the program data can be displayed and verified.

Pre-Programmed Distillation Groups

Equipment and Accessories:


Technical specifications
Sample weight 99.9 g
Dimensions width: 790 mm, depth: 660 mm, height: 860 mm
Weight approx. 76.5 kg
Connection voltage ~ 235 V AC, 50 ~ 60 Hz, ± 10%
Operating voltage 220 V DC
Power supply approx. 3.6 kW


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