We have a extensive parts warehouse for actual models and for former sheet formers manufactured by Ernst Haage.

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Customized Configuration

Beside our standard program of our high pressure autoclaves we offer machines or plants in customized solutions according to special needs and demands.

Overview Sheet Forming Disintigration Dispursing Freeness Testing


Estanit offers the HAAGE sheet formers following the Rapid Köthen-principle, as well as equipment for standardized disintegration, dispursing, and vacuum drying. Our equipment for freeness testing of wood pulp, mechanical pulp, composites, and paper stock further demonstrate that we possess the necessary knowledge for the analysis of raw materials suitable for laboratories as well as the paper industry.

The outstanding performance ability of our new HAAGE sheet formers as well as the distinguished quality of its sheet formation and sheet drying have repeatedly been analyzed and validated by the Institute for Paper Technology of the University of Technology Darmstadt.

HAAGE sheet formers following the Rapid Köthen-principle

HAAGE sheet formers following the Rapid Köthen-principle

Sheet formation for wood pulp, mechanical pulp, composite and paper stock inspection sheets.

  • For qualitative analyses in laboratories and the paper industry
  • For production monitoring of paper machines
  • Meets the requirement of DIN EN ISO 5269-2 (DIN 54 358)


Chemical pulp defibration process following DIN EN ISO 5263-1 and leaflet V/4/61 ZELLCHEMING

  • Modern and compact design
  • Programmable rotation speed
  • Integrated equipment for both disintegration and spreading


Mixing and spreading of pulp suspension for freeness testing and the production of inspection sheets.

  • Meet the requirements of leaflet V/6/6I ZELLCHEMING
  • Electrically powered agitator shaft (150 Upm)
Schopper-Riegler freeness testing

Schopper-Riegler Pneumatic Freeness Testing

Examination of the dewatering behavior of paper fibre and wood pulp suspensions.

  • Pneumatic cone lifting and lowering equipment
  • Powered by a compressed-air drive
  • Meets the requirements of ISO 5267-1 and leaflet V/7/61 ZELLCHEMING

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